Rwanda Fully Washed Specialty coffee

There is a strong emphasis on social and environmental initiatives, which help the small producers in the region. Many of the producers have less than 1 hectare of coffee. Each member is provided with free healthcare as well as basic agricultural training and adequate fertilizer.

The washing station uses mechanical pulpers and ferments underwater to give the coffee good clarity. The coffee is then dried on raised beds to allow even drying. Most of the coffee is Bourbon or a Bourbon cultivar such as Jackson or Mbirizi.

This coffee is grown in the district of Rulindo in the Northern Province of Rwanda at an altitude of between 1600 - 2000 m.

Rwanda Fully Washed Buliza Specialty

ex Durban warehouse

Cupping Notes:

Clean, well balanced with a honey-like sweetness. Hints of red apple and berries.

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